Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final Post Thursday June 25th 2009

The last several weeks have been a blur with many dinners, gatherings, parties, etc.
Heather departed last week and I am currently sitting at Narita, and will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning. Living in Japan has been the experience of a lifetime for Heather and I and we couldn't begin to post here in writing what this stay in Japan has meant to us. 2.5 years has shot by in a flash and in it we have learned much about ourselves and made so many new friends, again most difficult to even lightly explain in writing or pictures on a blog. Thanks to everyone who has taken care of us at home and thanks to everyone who has befriended and taken care of us in Japan.
We will miss you all and we hope our paths will cross again on either side of the pond, however it may work out.
We will leave the blog and flickr account up for as long as they will allow.
Also we are considering a live cam around our residence in Dublin, but it obviously wont have the appeal of the Otani/Dennys cam.
Best wishes to all who have visited and enjoyed our blog.
Kevin and Heather

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cookout at Furei beach

This weekend there was a nice cookout at Furei Beach Koen, which is not actually a beach but a river bottom. The party was in celebration of Memorial Day and a Sayonara party for a couple of fellow expats Keith and Kyle. It was rained out on Saturday but we recovered nicely on Sunday with lots of food, beverage, sports, etc...A very very nice time considering this was also an opportunity for Heather and I to visit with a lot of people we have met and may not have the pleasure of seeing again for quite some time.......

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sayonara Heather and Kevin

Last night many of our friends held a farewell tabe/nomihodai on our behalf at the Houfbrau Haus. Later we headed down the street to the IceMan where we hit it pretty hard until about 6am. It was a fantastic night and we cant thank all of you enough for making it a such a memorable evening. Looking at the photos it is really now sinking in how much we will really miss you all!
(special thanks to Yumiko for putting it all together)
More Pictures here:

McHotdog and Mega Sausage

200 percent tasty.
2 tempting treats recently available on the breakfast menu.
Nope, havent braved this one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graphics and Friends

Monday all of our friends from Graphics had dinner on our behalf at ChikiChiki which is owned by one of the members from Heathers golf group . It was excellent time, with the owner making us some excellent dishes including a not on the menu Sushi Cake, very cool indeed. Of course after dinner we found time for way to many rounds of darts(for a work night) at FuruSato.
More pics here: