Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final Post Thursday June 25th 2009

The last several weeks have been a blur with many dinners, gatherings, parties, etc.
Heather departed last week and I am currently sitting at Narita, and will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning. Living in Japan has been the experience of a lifetime for Heather and I and we couldn't begin to post here in writing what this stay in Japan has meant to us. 2.5 years has shot by in a flash and in it we have learned much about ourselves and made so many new friends, again most difficult to even lightly explain in writing or pictures on a blog. Thanks to everyone who has taken care of us at home and thanks to everyone who has befriended and taken care of us in Japan.
We will miss you all and we hope our paths will cross again on either side of the pond, however it may work out.
We will leave the blog and flickr account up for as long as they will allow.
Also we are considering a live cam around our residence in Dublin, but it obviously wont have the appeal of the Otani/Dennys cam.
Best wishes to all who have visited and enjoyed our blog.
Kevin and Heather

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