Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Breif visit to Nikko 日光市

Pretty hot yesterday so we thought a drive to the mountains to cool off would be a good idea. Headed up to Nikko which turned out to be a bad idea. We took the back route up and it was fun driving as there were few cars, however, as its a holiday week we found the very popular tourist spot itself was over run with vacationers and tourist to the point that we really didn't get out of the car. Though traffic the was bad in Nikko-shi, it was still a nice day to get out of the apartment. The Nikko range is usually visible to us from our apartment most of the year and was nice to see the peaks up close. The snow capped pic is a view of the mountain from our balcony in Feb or March, and the others without the snow shot today at the top. We will return later this fall so we can check out the waterfalls, the lake and other nice stuff that Nikko offers.


tornados28 said...

Wow, going to Nikko during a holiday. You guys are brave.

Heather said...

Didnt think it would be quite that bad, but we were dead wrong, it was a madhouse.