Saturday, September 22, 2007

2007 Motegi MotoGP Saturday Qualifying

Heather and I are just back from yet another great day at the track. Qualifying brought a great front row for tomorrow, Pedrosa, Rossi, and Hayden. Couldn't have asked for better. Stoner struggled some and even my next years Honda hero Depuniet will start in front of him. I hope he doesnt plan to torpedo Nicky and Danny in the first turn again this week. Weather was even hotter today, but look out things change, and it will be cooler tomorrow with that lingering chance of rain. Not so many of my crappy bike action pictures today, putting up a few of the crowd and and other doings from the day. We were down front for Nicky and Danny's press conference, where I was able to afterwords get Nicky's attention and advise him to get the hole shot and don't look back after that, he thought that was good advice and gave us a thumbs up and smile of thanks for such wisdom, maybe it was the shock of hearing English. After, we went to a great Yaki Niku place with some friends, burnt some meat and drank a few cold ones, looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. Sorry Matt and Scott P., No Buckets this year, we are saving that for next year.

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