Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guam Final

We spent our final day relaxing at the pool, the beach, and of course the Tiki hut. The final sunset was great as always. Guam is a cool place to visit no matter what kind of vacation you looking for, and we really enjoyed it. It has a lot to offer for everyone. The beach is great, ample restaurants and shopping, sightseeing, it has much too offer. Will we go back? Its possible,but there are a few other places around Asia we may want to visit first. Would we stay at the Guam Marriot again or reccomend it to others? Absolutely not, for too many reasons to bore you with here. Though it didn't really spoil our vacation in any manner, it is not really a resort, and is quite dated. There are nicer hotels at the same price point.
We are now back in Utsunomiya, where it is cold, cloudy, and work awaits(for some of us). As always, the rest of our pictures are in the Flickr folders.

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