Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mid-December Check In

Well, It's the middle of December here and yes, we've been a little lazy on the posting the last few weeks, but in reality it has been pretty quiet here and we've been pretty lazy on the weekends in general. I Guess we are getting geared up for the holiday trip home. Its actually been quite cold here most nights, maybe the same as Ohio, but it does manage to get into the 50s most of the days (though our days are real short). We definitely haven't had the Snow and Ice of the Midwest, with only a bit of snow falling in the mountains to the North. While there is a bit of a Holiday season evident here and there in Utsunomiya, it is nothing near the insanity we put ourselves through between Thanksgiving and New Years in the States. Seems kind of peaceful and maybe the way the Holidays were intended to be actually.
We are however looking forward to our upcoming visits home and to seeing everyone between the Christmas and the New Years Holiday.
This evening we went out for a few cold beers and some appetizers at izakaya down the street. The owners were kind enough to surprise us with a plate of deep fried "Popcorn Shrimp" and man were they as tasty as they look. Heads, tails, pincher's, whiskers, legs, even there little peepers still attached and full of wholesome crunchy goodness. Good stuff.


tornados28 said...

My wife recently has gotten me to eat whole shrimp as well, legs, wiskers, eyes and all. Although it seams gross, it really isn't too bad.

Heather said...

Nahhhh, while Heather looks really hungry in that picture it took me 10 minutes to convince that wuss to eat a couple, and of course she "plucked" the heads and asses. I actually ate 90 percent of them, and you are correct in that they arent bad as long as you dont sit and stare them in the face before you toss them down. They are kind of like a crunchy shrimp potato chip if eaten while hot. I must admit that the last 4 or 5 i did a little head and tail plucking also as they got cold, but crunched most of them down whole.