Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ueno Hanami 2008 上野 花見

Yesterday we met a few friends in Tokyo's Ueno park for what is by far one of the largest Hanami gatherings in Japan. Ueno park is home to the Japan National Art museum and the Ueno Zoo. They claim over a thousand mature cherry trees. I would say by all means there must have been a half a million people crammed into the park yesterday, with probably at least that many more just walking through with no place to sit. Pretty enjoyable day, and with the blooms peaking in Tokyo this week, it means only 1-2 more weeks before we have our own bloom in Utsunomiya and have a bit of a fest in the Hachimanyama park. This time of the year is by far some of the best party action in Japan.


tornados28 said...

What's up with the guy in his underwear? It looks cold that day. Isn't he wooried about shrinkage?

Heather said...

It was a bit cold actually. I asked Heather to rate the shrinkage potential at that temperature, and she said even at sub zero temperatures shrinkage could proably not be detected with the naked eye in this country. So probably no concern for the local population.