Sunday, July 6, 2008

Amano Gallery Visit

The original reason for this weekends visit to Niigata was to visit the Amano Gallery.
Takashi Amano is a photographer, designer and aquarist. Takashi Amano is essentially one of the worlds reknowned fish tank designers, or aquarist. He is best known to have naturally scaped arrangements of aquatic plants, rocks, and driftwoods. His aquariums are famous in that they perfectly mimic nature in their appearance, and can be regarded as a form of art. Anyhow as you know, we like nice tanks, and this guy is considered the best. His company has a complete line of high dollar aqauiums and accessories and there are shops in many major cities around the world . He is from the Niigata area, and his company and gallery are based near there. If you like freshwater aquariums and are visiting Japan, we would recommend a visit to the Amano gallery.


tornadoes28 said...

Those tanks are amazingly green.

Heather said...

They were pretty cool. We've had some pretty nice tanks, but nothing like Amanos. Even the little 5 gallon setups were works of art.