Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sayonara Pat

Saturday marked a yet another Sayonara for friend, Pat Ellison who departs for home this week. The party was held at Plus Cafe which was a very nice gathering spot. Of course a second party at Iceman, and I am not sure where it went after that or if such things can/should be documented for future reference. Anyhow Heather and I brought along my visiting Mom and friend Rita and they seemed to really enjoy the gathering and meeting many of our friends, who of course were in fine form as the evening rolled along.
As you can see by the large qty. of photos I am posting, someone was obviously asleep at the camera, but I wont point any fingers. If anyone has a few extra pics they could throw our way we would appreciate to have and post them.
Good Luck Pat and see you soon.

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