Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Icebucks vs. Halla

Sunday evening several of us got together for an Icebucks game out at Nikko. We are happy to report the bucks aren't in last place this year and played a pretty good game. Unfortunately they lost 4-3. It was our firtst opportunity to see the new Canadian players Eric and Mickey on the ice and they didn't disappoint. We hope to get out and see them another time or 2 before the season is out


Tornadoes28 said...

About how many foreign players play for the Ice Bucks? I played for 13 years and I always wonder how well I would do out there on the ice with them. Curious what there skill level is.

Heather said...

2 Canadians. Eric LaFreniere(sp?) and Mickey Gilchrist. Cool guys, have had a few beers with them on occaission. They played hockey togehter at a school in Vermont cant remeber the name. Eric played in France last year, I think Mickey somewhere in Canada. I cannot really comment on their skills as I didnt grow up watching or playing and dont really know dick about the game compared to those that did. They both looked pretty smooth/skilled to us realative to the team/league. Also a bit more physical than the average asian league players.