Sunday, March 25, 2007

Speaking of Pizza

Im sure that it's obvious from the pictures we are posting, no ones going hungry here in Utsunomiya. While we already dearly miss our Columbus pizza favorites Enricos, Emilios, and the Bogey, we have managed to find some, I guess you would call it reasonable pie here. With pizza names like "Ocean Cream", "Garlic Punch", "Potato Country", "Chiki-Teri", "The New Funky", and "Ebi-Mayo Bingo", how could you possibly go wrong? Ahhh, and we cant forget Heathers favorite, "Casual Sausage" :). Believe it or not the Domino's here is actually pretty good. We generally wouldnt touch "Doms" in the States, but like most American chains you find here in Japan, it is actually better than at home. Its usually pricey, but it arrives to you looking like it does in the pictures, and the taste is pretty good(Not like the box it arrived in). Of course looking at the menu's below you have to notice pizzas like the "Tuna Mayoler", the locals can put some pretty whacky things on their pie. Ordering by phone is quite the challenge and unless you like, seafood, corn, mayonaise or other odds and ends, you must order your "American Special" with care.

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