Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday afternoon Misc.

Just a quick update to let you know that we worked to fix the pictures link today, moving it from snapfish to Yahoo photos, which should work for everyone. Maybe there is no need for registration unless you want to sign in and download some of the pics. Just click the link over in the left column. Sorry for the earlier trouble.
Heather had a Dr. visit on Saturday and he gave her wrist a thumbs up and told her just to take it easy for the next week or 2. Good news indeed.
After screwing up and missing the time on the OSU vs. Tenn. game, I managed to get out of bed this am to catch the second half of the Memphis game. Had a phone chat with Matt, Drew and others who were enjoying it at the Bogey. I must say I liked the outcome. Go Bucks!
Japan did have another jishin (earthquake) today that was a 6.7. Second one this week. It was cenetered and caused a bit of damage out on the west coast. No damage in this area, but it did roll the apartment back and forth pretty good.


tornados28 said...

Nice blog. What made you decide to move to Japan, especially Utsunomiya? I am curious what kind of work you do there.

Eventually you may get to the Bell Mall in Utsunomiya. It's a nice mall. Check out the Wikipedia entry for "Bell, Mall, Utsunomiya" which I created.

Heather said...

Hey Jon, Like many of the Gaijin here in Utsunomiya, I work for Honda out in Takanezawa. I have been coming to this area on business for many years. The Bell Mall is nice. Have you been to the newer larger FKD mall on the southeast side of town? Its pretty nice also, but it is a bit of a drive. Anyway thanks for the comments, and I must say that the emails with the Nigerian scammer in your blog is some pretty funny shit. Regards! kevin