Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ice Cucumber Pepsi and Melon KitKats

So June has been a month of culinary milestones here in Japan with the introduction of some killer new snack products. Ice Cucumber Pepsi hit the snack shoppe at work this week. Shawn and myself couldn't bring ourselves to make the purchase, so we talked a couple of girls from our office into trying it. Of course they offered us a sample and I must admit, its not bad. Actually kinda light and not so cucumbery. I brought a bottle home for Heather to sample and we immediately decided that a product this refreshing could only be made better with a 40% blend of Shochu Liquor and some big ole ice cubes. Very refreshing indeed.
KitKats have been in the States for years but ya gotta come to Japan to get the cutting edge products. While "MoMo" (Peach) KitKats have been around for a while, this summer brings the new flavor "Meron" (Cantaloupe, Freaking Cantaloupe!) to the scene. Very tasty indeed. Oh yes it is the small things.

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tornados28 said...

Sounds yummy. Can't wait for Coke Brocolli.