Monday, November 19, 2007

Asakusa 浅草

This Sunday we were looking to get out of Utsunomiya for the day and took a little Shinkansen ride to Tokyo where we visited Asakusa.
Below are pictures are of the Kaminari-mon which translates to gate of thunder. This leads to one of Tokyos oldest and most prominent Buddhist shrines called Senso-ji also pictured. There is also a 5 story pagoda called Bosatsu among others.
It was the usual gaijin laiden trinket shopping and shrine viewing activity with lots of pushy foreigners, food and beer tents, etc. If you were to take a guided tour of Tokyo you would definitely land here. We would not recommend it on a Sunday afternoon unless you really like people. Of course we didn't last long with all of that and retired to the Ueno Hard Rock for some cold pitchers of Kirin and a cheese burger, which was probably actually what was on our minds when we left the house that morning.

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tornados28 said...

Yes, you definitely want to avoid this place on busy weekends or holidays. Although walking along the shops is interesting, you end up navigating a river of people.