Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rainy Day Golf at Sun Lake Country Club

After several years of coming to Japan I finally took the opportunity to play some golf. Seemed like a good idea until i woke up today to a heavy downpour. I went ahead and made my way to the course in hopes of a cancellation. Ummm,no. In Japan if you have a Tee-Time, you play golf, rain or shine. We briefly discussed not playing with the course manager and our host, and this was unheard of. Not wanting to disappoint any of hosts, we bucked up and played. It was a heavy downpour through the first 5 holes, then stopped until we hit 16-18 where it picked up again to give us a final soaking. Unbelievable was amount of people still playing in this nasty weather. Not drinking and playing, just playing as the drinking is reserved for after the golf is finished. I must say that despite the shitty weather, we had an enjoyable day, as the course and facility were fantastic. I can also report that the 11 month layoff in play had little to no effect on my game as it still sucked immensely. Anyhow maybe we will try again in the spring after some work at the driving range, which i must say is another great story in itself.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin and Heather,
I found your website after feeling a tremmer sunday night @ 8pm. I am a fellow hondroid staying at the Richmond Hotel in Utsunomiya. I am interested in talking to y'all about motorcycles and smokin clays here in japan, possibly over a beer somewhere.

I would also like to know where i could get a cheap beer....
I have been going to the Lions Head but it is a bit expensive.

I will be checking out nov 16.

please email

Thanks Chris

Amanda, Ian, and Addison said...

Rain or shine, that's some beautiful scenery!

tornados28 said...

Where is that golf course located?

Heather said...

Its about halfway between Nikko and Utsunomiya off of 121.

tornados28 said...

Ok. There is a course right as you enter Nikko and I thought it looked like that one.

Anonymous said...


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