Saturday, February 9, 2008

JLPT 4 Success

This week I received the results of the Japan Language Proficiency Test, taken back in December and I am happy to say that I recieved a passing score. The First level or Level 4 requires knowledge of Hiragana, Katakana, 140 Kanji characters, 800 basic words, and some basic grammar. The test is given once a year and consists of 3 sections, writing/vocabulary, listing/comprehension, and reading/grammar. I took the test on a college campus in Oyama, it took about 3.5 hours to complete, and I really struggled with parts of it, so I was pretty happy to find out I had received a passing score.
Next year I may take on the level 3 test that requires 300 or more Kanji and about 1500 vocabulary words. In consideration of what I have for a brain these days and in talking to other expats who have taken Level 3 I am pretty sure that I would have a snowballs chance in hell of passing it by next December, but it may be fun just to at least try it before we depart Japan in the summer.
If you’re interested in the JLPT, here a few hyper links to some Study Guides:
JLPT Level 4 Study Guide
JLPT Level 3 Study Guide
Original website of the Meguro Language Center who's materials I found very helpful in my preparation to take the test.
Another JLPT Study page Another helpful page with online quizzes.
Now if I could just pass that damned Japan Drivers license test so Heather doesnt have to drive me around for the next year and a half...............


Amanda, Ian, and Addison said...


Heather said...

Thanks very much Amanda!
I was wondering about how your families trip to Sumo went? Do you still have a blog?

BigFreaky said...

おめでとう!!よく出来た!I should study this year so I can take the level3!

p.s. you can't read the comments that people put because of your color scheme!!

Heather said...

Yo Big Freaky, what do you mean about not being able to see the comments, i have checked them on 3 computers and they are visible. Please be more specific so i can make a correction if i need to.
You should take level 3 because your nihongo is defintly better than mine and a few other people i know who have been in Japan longer than myself.