Sunday, February 3, 2008

Making Pottery at Mashiko 益子町

Saturday morning Kindra, Shinobu, and I went to Mashiko and made our own pottery.
We made Bowls, Mugs, Vase's, and of course the always popular Ashtray.
It was a bit messy, and lots and lots of fun. When we were finished we had lunch a really nice Japanese organic restuaraunt. The pottery making class is a very popular, so the kilns had a bit of a backlog requiring us to return to the museum next month and pick our finished goods. Perhaps if they look nice we will post some pics along with tour pics of the museum.


Lee Love said...

Greetings Heather and Kevin,

I am curious, do you know our friend Darice Vari? She is teaching in the Columbus area. Her husband, Masayuki Miyajima had a show in Dublin, Ohio a while back. He is in Mashiko. We both studied with the late national living treasure Tatsuzo Shimaoka here in Mashiko.
Begining last year, I have been splitting my time between Mashiko and Minneapolis. I am a potter and my wife Jean teaches English in Utsunomiya at Kaisei Girls H.S. and is a wood block printer.

Lee in Mashiko, Tochigi Japan

Lee Love said...

Also, Is Kevin with Honda? Darice taught at Honda in Columbus. Also, my wife Jean taught English at Honda R&D here in Tochigi for a while.

Lee in Mashiko, Tochigi, Japan

Amanda, Ian, and Addison said...

That looks like so much fun Heather!

Heather said...

Hi Amanda! Yes it was a blast, we want to go again sometime.

Heather said...

Hi Lee,
We are from Dublin but we do not know Darice or knew about the show, where was it held?
I really love to go to Mashiko and plan to go back to make some more pottery. My friends and I love to go and shop, it is also a really nice place to take visitors. Yes,
Kev is with Honda. We are really enjoying Japan!