Monday, January 28, 2008

Icebucks Tailgate Party

Saturday we made a brief trek to Nikko for the last Icebucks regular season games. We attended the 2nd ever Icebucks tailgate party (The first being on New Years eve this year while we were back in the states) The weather was a bit brisk but we still managed to have a good time with the beer and brauts flowing. As you can tell by the pregame desolation of the parking lot, the tailgaiting gig hasnt quite caught on yet here in Japan. The girls also managed to muster up a little cheese cake and some candles and a quick round of Happy birthday for Heather. The team took a 4-1 loss, but i believe will still make it to the Asian League playoffs this year.


tornados28 said...

Yeah, the parking lot is pretty empty. Do the games usually sell out?

Heather said...

This game (and a few others) sold out. It started at 2:00, but we started the party at 11:00am and used the furthest lot as to keep a bit of a low profile.