Thursday, January 17, 2008

Over 3000 visits in less than a year.

Its Hard to believe that we have had over 3000 hits/visitors on the blog in the 11 months it has been up. Using the sitemeter (visible in the lower left column) we are able to see daily where the visitors are from, and its pretty amazing that we have had visitors from almost every state and so many countries from around the world.
We are looking for some ideas to freshen things on the blog up a bit, so if you have suggestions, let us know.


tornados28 said...

You are Raiders fans? I see you have a link to the Raiders website. From Ohio living in Japan and Raider fans. that's cool.

I hope they get someone good in the draft, maybe for the offensive line that really needs help.

Heather said...

Needed a team when I was young. Parents were Bengals fans, lots of friends were Browns fans but well, you know, no need to be involved with that. :)
Latched on to the Raiders in the Heyday of Casper, Stabler, Guy, Hayes, etc...
Thought the Raiders were back a few years ago but the snow/not a fumble game in New England ruined that along with losing Gruden, they've been shit again since.
I think its time for Al Davis to sell or at least back completely out of the team managment, the downward spiral wont end until that happens.
I Follow the Raiders on TV when I can which can be difficult in Ohio since they have become bottom feeders. My next favorite team is whoever is playing the Browns each weekend.

tornados28 said...

If you've seen Al Davis recently, it looks like he ready to keel over and die anytime now. Not sure who would replace him though.