Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shaka Shaka Chicken シャカシャカチキン!

Its here! Yet another fine culinary delight from our friends of Japan McDonald's. Its a chicken fillet in a bag, to which you add one of three fine flavor powders options, Hot Chili, Lemon Pepper, or Cheese. You then give it a "Shake Shake" or a Shaka Shaka which is Automonopia for the exact sound the chicken makes in the bag as its getting coated with all of that tasty powdered goodness. For our trial run, I selected the cheese flavor, which may have not been the best choice. The cheese was pretty much the same powder you get with A Kraft Macaroni and Cheese kit. My guess is the Chicken fillet alone by itself probably tasted pretty good before I gave it the old cheese Shaka Shaka treatment, with the cheese powder, Im sure you can imagine. As its on the 100 Yen menu, we will probably give the other 2 flavors a run at some point, but as with many of the great Japan exclusive McDonald's products that come and go, they may be gone before we get around to it. Stay tuned well into your next lifetime for my evaluation of another great new "Sando" option, the "Cheese, Egg, Double Mac".

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