Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas and New Years in Ohio

Hi to all! We made it back to Japan quite tired but with no major complaints with maybe the exception of dealing with the throngs of psychotic Buckeye fan tards we encountered in the Airports first thing Saturday morning. O-H!!!!!....sheeesh.
We arrived in Tokyo where it was a sunny day and pushing 60 degrees thank you very much.
Heather and I both had a great time during our stay and want to thank all of our family and friends for going out of their way to make it so enjoyable for us. It was most enjoyable to get to spend time with you all, and it really went fast. Here is a sampling of pics from the visit, you know where to find the rest. Currently we are planning a return visit possibly in the beginning of May and we hope to see you all again then, maybe the weather will even allow for some outdoor activities. Remember the door is always open for you all to swing by and visit us here in Utsunomiya if your so inclined.

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