Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tokyo Giants Vs. Yokohama Baystars

Last night a group of us went to the local baseball stadium to see the Tokyo Giants Vs. Yokohama Baystars. It was the first time the Gaints had played in this area for 50 years. It was sellout crowd, and I the believe the Kiyohara stadium holds about 30,000. The Giants won 6-1, It was colder than all hell after the sun dropped, and believe it or not the only food/refreshments sold, were beer, coca cola, and donuts(what more does the typical Japanese baseball fan need?). Kind of odd when the game started at 6pm. Needless to say attrition took its toll on our 15 people group and by the 7th inning Heather, I and our neighbors were the last to bail. Sorry, as there are not so many good pictures as I mainly focused on staying warm and sipping my dinner.

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