Friday, February 6, 2009

Saipan Day 3

Sure there was a day 2 on Saipan but it was spent relaxing on the beach, by the pool and tiki hut. For pictures just have a look below at day 1.
Actually today we got out and went around the Island to see some of the tourist spots and war memorials. The Coast line is lined with cliffs and caves which are absolutely beautiful and surrounded by clean clear blue sea. The left over ordinance and war memorials are kind of a somber reminder of the heavy fighting that happened here so many years ago. Driving through the forested areas and along the cliffs can be kind of eerie as you see hundreds of little rock memorials marking the lives of killed Japanese soldiers. We visited Banzai Cliff, Marpi Point, The Last Outpost, Bird Island, and several other sights of interest. We were able to cover the whole Island by car in about 5 hours including lunch and some shopping. As far as the local villages go Saipan is inhabited by mainly Chamaros and has the same look and feel as Guam but on a much smaller uncommercialized scale.
We have found some good spots for eating, drinking, and some live music as well so the nightlife has also been enjoyable.

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