Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Not sure about the weather where you are, but it was 86F (29C) here in Saipan today. We chose Saipan for a bit of a winter break and the first day was not a disappointment. Saipan is a lot smaller than Guam and a lot more laid back, I think we are going to enjoy the next few days of not doing much but soaking up the sun and maybe a killing a Lite beer or 2. Saipan is about 5x20 miles in size, so not as much sightseeing, shopping, or the other tourist trappings you usually find in these spots, and the main draws are diving, golf, and relaxing. I think you all know where Heather and i fall in that scenario. We will try to drag ourselves away from the Tiki Hut, maybe rent a bike and get around the island for a look around and a few pictures, but thats lookin like it might be a stretch at this point. You all try to stay warm.

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