Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The poster read, なるほどザうんち!or NARUHODO ZA UNCHI!

Which literally translates to "I see the" or "I understand the poop". Amazing! Only in Japan and at the Aquarium no less. We had to see it, and we werent disappointed. Aquaworld had a whole room dedicated to educational displays and interactive activites about pooping. Humans, animals, all the bases were covered. They had dispalys of real poop from animals all around the world. They even had animals painted on the walls, where you could peek into buttholes in the wall and see real poop in a (simulated) natural enviroment. The lion poop even had a few hairs sticking out of it. Very tastefully done. I am sorry to say that this peice of art was on a limited engagement from Feburary to May and will end next week so dont call JAL for tickets you'll have to catch it in another time or place.....But we are happy to report that we now understand za poop!


tornados28 said...

They should have a picture of the Asahi building in Tokyo Asakusa with the giant turd on top.

Heather said...

Tell me about the building with the turd, we may be down that way this weekend, wouldnt want to miss that one.