Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kirin Beer Factory Tour

Yesterday we took a tour of the Kirin beer factory located a few train stops away in the burg of Shimotsukehanaoka. We were provided with our own personal tour guide, Ishii-san who gave us a great tour of the facility, which was capped off with a pouring demonstration and product tasting session. Kirin is the current company in Japan licensed to make Budweiser, and while we were happy to sample thier Bud, we found that we still prefered the Kirin brand products. No pics allowed in the Kojo, so these were the only two we were able to take.


tornados28 said...

Interesting. In the US, Budweiser brews the Kirin beer sold here. Actually right down the street from in Van Nuys, CA.

Heather said...

Yeah we tried a bottle, and it was OK. I think they dont use the preservatives and other shit like that here that they do in the states. This may also explain why you dont get real bad hangovers from the beer even though it is stronger. The Bud here used to be made by Suntory, but that relatinship apparently ended a while back. I believe Ishii told us that A/B is actually a major shareholder in the Kirin Co. thuogh my Nihongo is pretty shakey and I may have mis understood her.

Anonymous said...

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