Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Land of the Rising Sun and Large Crows.

Some of you back home may ask why Japan is known as the land of the rising sun? Well, while we can’t show you the sun in these pictures, trust me, its there hidden behind the fog and mist overhanging Utsunomiya this morning. The time that these pictures were taken? 4:45AM! And believe me, its been fully light for about 30-40 minutes. The sun really does come up just after 4am every day, even though no one sane is awake to see it. Special thanks goes out to the 2 crows hanging out on our deck, screaming and squawking, (maybe stealing a few socks off the line to pad their nest) thus providing me a great opportunity to explain this rising sun phenomena to you. The crows here are the size of buzzards, very smart, and very loud. Of course they moved along quickly after I got out of bed to greet them, so no pics, but perhaps some time in the future we will get some shots of these 2 early rising pricks and give them their own exclusive post here on the blog.


tornados28 said...

I like the sentence on the Food Oasis sign. "Let's have an enjoyable dinner together".

tornados28 said...

I see the sign on the right, "Freshness Burger". Have you had a burger there yet and are they really fresh?

Heather said...

Its actually a chain here in Jaapan. The burgers at the freshenss arent really great. Their main burger is actually a veggie burger, hence the fresheness burger name. Blechh. They have a burger that they claim is all 100% beef but i wouldnt bet on it. Its actually not a bad sandwich the meat is just a little dicey. They have some other items on the menu like a fish sandwich that is really good but small and probably the best onion rings we have found thus far. Its conveinient for us and nice to sit out on their patio and have a draft and watch the people come and go. ksaul